Services we offer

In-home energy efficiency visit - We will walk around your home with you, explaining your heating

system in detail and how to use it. All of your electrical appliances will be put into a consumption calculator. We can set your central heating system and controls for you. Full report sent after.

Online personalised report. Send us your boiler, control and electric appliance list. We will provide you with advice to reduce your bills and explain how much each appliance costs. We will also check your bills and tariffs for you.

Having problems with your bills? Do you think that the meter is wrong? Energy companies have to do a meter accuracy test upon which some of the costing is passed on to you if the meter is accurate. Let us check first and see if we can find your usage. We will give you our professional impartial opinion.

Send us a list of your electrical appliances and we will send you costings of your appliances plus personalised energy saving advice. All you need to do is tell us the wattage of each appliance and what it is. If you need more in-depth settings then forward us the make and model also.

We need to look after our vulnerable customers in life. Here at Expert Energy Saving we live that too. The amazing In home advice with a extra bit of care and attention. You'll even receive a discount. Great for older family members. We will make sure you're on the priority services register also.

Got an empty property and you're unsure how to heat it to avoid damp or your pipes freezing we will speak to your insurance and set it per the guiding. Great for Landlords while you're getting tenants or properties after the probate process. Taking an extra stress off your mind during this difficult time.

We deal with bulk allocation for in home advice at a discounted rate. These will be supplied for new tenants upon moving in to help make the move easier and keep them in control of their bills. A new tenant pack will be supplied ready for their new homes.

We offer Landlord support with a new tenant pack. We will explain the system they have, how to use it and the best way to stay in control of their bills leaving you with an easier process when the tenant moves in and out. We will also advise you how to set it in the change over period.

Energy Performance Certificates - Coming soon.

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